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Bridging Gaps Between Sustainability, Social Impact, and Commercial Real Estate Development

Reinforce Your Project or Business with Provable Social and Environmental Impact Embedded Payment Solutions. Why? Because...

Helping out our friends is more than what we do. It's who we are!


Become a Leader in Sustainability while
Protecting Your Assets

Whether you operate a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund or a Qualified Opportunity Zone Business, 10 years is a long time to hold an investment. Nothing will ruin your plans faster than an untimely economic downturn.

HOOF It! Payment Solutions enables you to conduct business as usual while making micro-impact investments into the communities you belong to. These micro-impact investments promote astute financial decision-making among the residents of opportunity zones and maximize the probability of their sustained ability to pay rent, support local businesses, and make personal commitments to protecting our environment. 

The cost of moving money is the cost of doing business. Deciding who benefits from those costs will both strengthen the going concern and crystallize the character of your organization.

Become a Community Partner and protect the value of your opportunity zone assets today.


Social & Environmental Impact Initiatives

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are becoming crucial drivers of operational and investment decisions in both the public and private spheres. Stakeholders have expanded their expectations beyond financial results. Partnering with HOOF It! Payment Solutions demonstrates your proactive approach to identifying meaningful ESG metrics that resonate well with stakeholders, employees, and every local, regional, and global community you belong to.

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