HOOF It! Rewards Mobile App

HOOF It! Rewards is a
loyalty program that lets you earn digital coupons on RENT.

Coupons never expire and can be

  • Held for like... ever!

  • Redeemed for cash

  • Used to purchase goods and services

  • Swapped for other digital currencies

Give a little.
Gain a lot!


  • Give
    • Pay on time
    • Keep a clean home​
    • Maintain insurance
    • Renew you lease
  • Gain
    • Access to the future of finance. Cryptocurrency!​
      • Redeem for cash, goods, and or services​
      • Or hold for investment even after you move out. They never expire!

Move-In Specials
Just Don't Cut It Anymore


  • Maximize Net Operating Income

  • Prevent evictions

  • Fill vacancies with (payment verified) reliable and responsible tenants

       - coming soon

A property owner handing a key to their new tenants.
Man Happy While Shopping

Earn Assets
For Being Reliable Tenants

Plus: Increased Purchasing Power

  • Discounts at local and national retailers


About Us

HOOF It! Rewards was created for one reason and one reason only. To strengthen relationships by incentivizing individuals to do what's right and not just what's expected.

The landlord to tenant relationship is extremely important in our society. A landlord cannot sustain their business without reliable and responsible tenants. A tenant cannot begin to build their financial future without a stable place to call home. Therein lies an opportunity for collaboration. A place where everyone gets exactly what they need to achieve their financial goals.


HOOF It! Rewards enables landlords to effectively manage and offset tenant turnover expenses while enabling their tenants to accumulate assets that can strengthen their financial future. This creates a foundation for building relationships that are meaningful, that stand the test of time, and inspire the kind of peace-of-mind that makes every other aspect of life more manageable.

Meet The Team

Kelvin Cook, Founder & CEO of HOOF Financial, Inc.

Kelvin Cook

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Founder & CEO

Robert A. Gilbert

Robert A. Gilbert

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Angel Johnson

Angel Johnson

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VP of Operations and Program Management

Neighborhood homes with side walk.

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