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Green America Initiative

Help reduce America's carbon footprint by subsidizing some of the cost of green energy solutions.

America is one of the largest producers of carbon dioxide in the world, and this gas is a major contributor to climate change. One way to help reduce America's carbon footprint is to subsidize some of the cost of green energy solutions. renewable energy like solar and wind power emit far less carbon dioxide than traditional sources like coal and oil, so switching to renewable energy can have a significant impact on reducing America's carbon footprint. Subsidizing the cost of renewable energy will make it more affordable for Americans to make the switch, and it will also create jobs in the renewable energy industry. Together, these benefits can help us move towards a cleaner and healthier future.

The HOOF It! Green America Initiative carries implications for us all. There will never be a space ship large enough to fit eight billion people on board. We can't afford to wait any longer. In America, we lead by example and our history proves that there is no mountain high enough to stop us when we all rise to the occassion. Purchase your ESG Credits today and together, we can make a difference by showing the world exactly how to restore the delicate balance of life and natural resources on our planet.

Helping out our friends is more than what we do. It's who we are!

Power in Numbers

Current Households Served


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The average 5kWh solar installation can offset 103 metric tons of carbon emissions over its lifetime. However, solar installations can cost $30,000 or more and take 8 to 13 years to pay for. Like other renewable energy solutions, the cost is the ultimate deterrence for thousands of would-be customers. Your ESG Credit purchase will accelerate the adoption and thereby cost reduction of renewable energy solutions so that more people can afford to do their part in restoring the delicate balance of life and natural resources on our planet.


Our goal is to help subsidize the installations of green energy solutions for five thousand households and small businesses.

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