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Educate America Initiative

Help us reinvigorate America's education system by enriching the lives of students, teachers, and administrators.

The HOOF It! Educate America Initiative is a much-needed investment in our country's future. By providing financial support for families from Pre-K through undergraduate studies, this initiative will help ensure that all children have the opportunity to receive a quality education. In addition, educators will be able to focus on their passion for teaching without worrying about finances, and administrators will have the resources they need to improve our educational infrastructure. This initiative will level the playing field for all students in America, regardless of their economic background. With the HOOF It! Educate America initiative, we can give every child the chance to succeed.

The solution to America's educational painpoints has always been corporate citizenship and philanthropy. What was missing was efficiency and effectiveness. The HOOF It! Educate America Initiative improves both. We can't afford to wait any longer. In America, we lead by example and our history proves that there is no mountain high enough to stop us when we all rise to the occassion. Purchase your ESG Credits today and together, we can make a difference by showing the world that our students can do more than just compete on the global stage, they can lead the way with innovation, execution, and compassion.

Helping out our friends is more than what we do. It's who we are!

Power in Numbers

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According to the Education Data Initiative, 32.9% of undergraduates don't complete their degree program. 42% cite finances as a determining factor, 32% cite the lack of familial support, and 24% cite the lack of time. Our country and our future deserve better. Your ESG Credit purchase will ensure that families get financial support from Pre-K through undergraduate studies, educators can afford to live comfortably and focus on their passion for teaching, and administrators get the resources necessary to improve our educational infrastructure and level the playing field for every student in America.


Our goal is to help enrich the lives of one million students by 2025 so that they may focus on becoming the best versions of the people that will lead the world when we are no longer able to do it for ourselves.

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