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Hybrid Line of Credit!

Get ultimate flexibility with our hoof ™️ Line of Credit up to $250,000! Launch and grow your business with the help of our community. Why? Because...

Helping out our friends is more than what we do. It's who we are!

Today's Prime Rate


*Credit line amounts, rates, and terms are subject to change and are based on creditworthiness, verifiable invoices, and deposit relationship.

Funding by The Community
for The Community

We believe in taking a different approach than traditional banks, one that puts relationships at the center of everything we do. We lend to businesses that we know and are committed to doing what's right, not just what's expected.

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No Pre-Payment Penalty


Become a Leader in Sustainability while
Growing Your Business

What would be the impact to your business of just half the outstanding payments in your accounts receivable were made tomorrow? How much faster could you grow? How much more efficiently could you operate? How many new customers could you acquire? What profit margin could you achieve? As operators, we understand that our customers don't want to lose money any more than we do. However, if you must take a cash advance to run or grow your business Don't you want the lion's share of the finance charges to go towards households that could really use the help? Even better, wouldn't you love to know the exact impact that your business is having on helping to rebuild our middle class? 

The hoof ™️ Business Line of Credit enables you to grow your business while making micro-impact investments into the communities you belong to. These micro-impact investments promote astute financial decision-making among the residents of opportunity zones and maximize the probability of their sustained ability to pay rent, support local businesses, pay educational expenses, and make personal commitments to protecting our environment. 

The cost of moving money is the cost of doing business. Deciding who benefits from those costs will both strengthen the going concern and crystallize the character of your organization.

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hoof ™️ Business Line of Credit and activate your earnings today!


Social & Environmental Impact Initiatives

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are becoming crucial drivers of operational and investment decisions in both the public and private spheres. Stakeholders have expanded their expectations beyond financial results. Partnering with HOOF It! Payment Solutions demonstrates your proactive approach to identifying meaningful ESG metrics that resonate well with stakeholders, employees, and every local, regional, and global community you belong to.


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